Ulta Professional Nail Laquer

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5 reviews for Ulta Professional Nail Laquer

  1. Rhonda,

    great for removing gel polish – It works great to remove gel polish I use aluminum foil and Cotten pads cut into 4s place the acetone soaked Cotten pad on top of your finger, wrap foil over the top and around the finger nail.

  2. cricket552000,

    Works great – This works great and takes off nails supper fast. Here is a tip for those that use this to take off artificial nails it works even better if you put the bowl or what ever use use to soak your.

  3. JX432,

    Strong Product – This is an extremely potent product (100% pure Acetone). I used it to clean the dried paint off of a used paint brush and this was strong enough to remove the paint completely.

  4. myst18,

    Best product for nail care – I did not know if Walmart would mail it, but it arrived lid tight and even taped. Thank you WalmartI love shopping online.This product is amazing. It removes nail polish with ease.

  5. SpeechlessinSeattle,

    Stunning! – I was very surprised at how well this worked. Up until now, I’ve always used Cutex, which is really difficult to use.

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Product Attribute Details
FeaturesHealth & Beauty
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H2.41 x 2.41 x 7.88 Inches
Assembled Product Weight1.0866 POUNDS
Nail Polish Remover TypeAcetone
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