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Product Information

28 reviews for Quick-e Drying Drops – Essie

  1. Plzzz

    I applied a base coat, two layers of color, a top coat then Quickie Drops. My nails took longer than ever to become smudge proof. I think I will be returning this product.

  2. Otilia

    It worked well applying it but when l tried to remove it it took three times longer thsn other products. I had to rub hard to remove it. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  3. sjswag

    I used the drying drops after 2 coats of colour and one base coat and it caused my nail polish to bubble when it dried. After the drops, I let my nails dry for 10 mins and it still did this.

  4. Cookie Mo

    I have used quick e drops for the last two manicures. I must say I love it.

  5. Cuerva323

    I thought no chips ahead was the greatest product I had ever found to keep my home done manicure looking its best for several days. They I tried Essie Quick-e drying drops and the manicure’s.

  6. graveebaby

    Painting my nails used to mean waiting a couple hours to do ANYTHING that might dent my polish before it hardened. I saw this product and thought it was worth a try.

  7. Kimberly R

    I use the entire Essie nail polish colors to do my toes , these drops are super fast I do 3 coats of polish and still dries super fast . ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. Cheyx333

    Quick-e dried my nail polish in less than 5 minutes, however two days later my essie nail polish was peeling off in sheets. Loved that it dried quickly, but if my nail polish is not going to.

  9. Jajarita

    I bought this because my nails take a long time to dry even if I sit round and do nothing. Applied 2 coats of polish and this drop, sat for 10 minutes and it was touch dry, cool.

  10. BainbridgeGirl,

    Buy This. – This product is amazing, and I don’t say that about many things. But it really works well! It’s a great time saver and it really speeds up the drying.

  11. karaeliza

    Bought this product about an hour ago and couldnt wait to use it. Completely worth the money not to have to go the salon! Be sure to use drops between each coat! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. Juliana

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on essie.

  13. bij88

    started with base coat, two coats of polish, then essie gel setter top coat, giving about 3 minutes between coats, then hit each nail with a couple small drops of the drying drops, and within.

  14. Leaves

    I do think this helps the polish harder faster. It’s a little oily, so I usually let it set for a minute or two and then wipe of the excess on my skin.

  15. sarsar74

    I put on two layers of color and one of clear top coat, and then the QUICK-E drops. 15 minutes later I changed my pants and my thumb nail got completely ruined. Guess it wasn’t dry.

  16. Anonymous

  17. Sunnybsling

    My beautiful daughter bought this (essie quick-e drying drops) and it’s an amazing product. I first applied two coats of essie’s, “brides no grooms”, then essie’s top coat.

  18. Kathy44

    I’m a mother of a toddler and for years now, I’ve stuck to one-coat glitter polishes because I just didn’t have enough time for my nails to dry. One coat -dries in less than 5 minutes.

  19. larkspur20

    I really enjoy this product. I am pretty happy with the outcome. It dried my nails superduper fast. They didn’t even smudge or streak. I haven’t used drops before so I was very impressed.

  20. Kathy44,

    Thank You, Essie! – I’m a mother of a toddler and for years now, I’ve stuck to one-coat glitter polishes because I just didn’t have enough time for my nails to dry. One coat -dries in less than 5 minutes.

  21. Leaves

    I really like these. It definitely adds a quick protective coating to the top of nails so you can get on with your life quickly after painting nails.

  22. Vernis Victoria

    My recipe for Perfection: 1 towel 1 coat 1 quick-e drop by nail 10 minutes 1 rinse in cold waterTruly love my nails now! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on essie.

  23. kay321

    I used this on top of three coats of Essie polish, plus a coat of the No Chips Ahead and it had my polish dry in under 5 minutes. While I love the No Chips Ahead, I feel it takes FOREVER to.

  24. Sherrietenelly

    OMG I love this stuff I can never sit still long enough to allow the drying process, so I always end up with ugh. Not this time Essie has turned my ugh into wow love love love it ✔ Yes,.

  25. maryshannonohara

    This is the best nails product I have ever used. Make sure you add a drop or two between EVERY COAT, or it won’t work correctly. I’ve gone through 3 bottles! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  26. buzzjay,

    this stuff is fantastic! – last night I put a base coat, 2 coats of polish, a top coat, then 1 drop on my smaller nails and 2 on my bigger nails, and a minute or two later I could touch them and they are still perfect!.

  27. AtHomeMani311

    I bought this today hoping to find something to prevent smudges when I do my nails at home. I love it. One-two drops and it sets in seconds. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  28. Vernis Victoria,

    Perfect! – My recipe for Perfection: 1 towel 1 coat 1 quick-e drop by nail 10 minutes 1 rinse in cold water Truly love my nails now!See more.

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Essie Quick-e Drying Drops penetrates nail polish to quickly reduce drying time and protect nails from smudges, nicks and scratches. It is perfect for natural, artificial and sensitive nails. Silicone adds shine while accelerating the drying time. DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free. Protect nails from smudges, nicks and scratches. For a perfect manicure use apricot cuticle oil, essie base coat, 2 coats of essie polish, and seal with essie top coat.

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