Loreal Infallible Lip Gloss Plumping Coral J6540400 – By LOREAL – L’oreal Paris

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Product Information

15 reviews for Loreal Infallible Lip Gloss Plumping Coral J6540400 – By LOREAL – L’oreal Paris

  1. w104ssc

    Love the color but very sticky and smells very bad – I love the color (I bought modern mauve) but it wears off easily, is very sticky and smells pretty bad. Sort of like paint thinner.

  2. Cier1004

    Beauty is her name! – I really love this particular color and gloss. I love wearing casually or for a night out. It works well on every skin. I have a medium warm tone so I really like it on.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Slim,

    Stains lips for a good 4 hours! – I use it alone or as a base. As a base, I blot with a tissue paper after application and then apply a brighter color in the middle of the lower lip and I’m done for about 4 hours.

  5. momotwins,

    Another great product from loreal! It’s a soft shine that lasts for hours. I’m a server and I don’t have time to be applying my lip gloss repeatedly throughout my shift then I tried this product.

  6. Sharon1958

    Better Gloss Than Some High End! – I bought three shades of this and am in love! Even though they don’t seem to last anywhere close to eight hours I have no problem with that as I apply throughout the day anyway. And, I have.

  7. Gwen22

    Love but discontinued?? – I love this gloss, have been using it for YEARS but now stores like target no longer carry the gloss, only the “matte” which I strongly dislike.

  8. Kitkatt2346

    Love the color choices… – I LOVED the LeGloss that came in the squeeze tube. I have a wide array of colors in it. I was deeply saddened when it was discontinued.

  9. KD

    Discontinued Color Found! – I’ve used this product for the past few years and when it was discontinued, I spent tons of money trying to find a similar color with NO luck! I was able to order a nice “stash” to get me through.

  10. beachloverteen,

    I love that this gloss is not sticky! It actually did plump my lips and it stayed on and I love the shimmery pink color.

  11. Queenbeast

    Love the color – Love the color so much it’s bright and it’s exactly the shade I wanted, more of a coral. It was just it was so sticky I don’t know if I would buy it again.

  12. PltnmD,

    Let me start by saying I am a lip gloss/liner/stick JUNKIE! I literally have drawers full of lip products. With all those options available, I STILL reach for this baby every day.

  13. Em123456789

    Too sheer for price – I’ve had great experiences with their lipsticks and I had just run out of my favorite lip gloss so I decided to try this. The store I bought it at was selling them for the same price as the.

  14. Wwings2u,

    Love this product – I am very happy with this product! It stays on well, plumps and doesn’t dry lips.

  15. mel13

    More like 8 Minute – I bought this about a week ago and have used it about 3 times, each time hoping for the best. However, it does not last anywhere near 8 hours8 minutes maybe.

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Product AttributeDetails
Features6 hour, Plumping
Size.21 oz
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H0.73 x 0.73 x 4.07 Inches
Assembled Product Weight0.0551 POUNDS
BrandL'Oreal Paris
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