L’oreal Infallible 8hr Pro Gloss – Barely Nude – Assurance

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Product Information

61 reviews for L’oreal Infallible 8hr Pro Gloss – Barely Nude – Assurance

  1. PaulD,

    More “square” than most – I like these bins because their sides are closer to vertical and have more square corners than many storage bins. When I put folders, books, or smaller boxes in these bins, there is less wasted space.

  2. Houry357

    I love L’absolu Rouge, it is the perfect combination of having matte & moisturizing lipstick; however, I’m not a fan of the packaging, where the lipstick falls of after a certain amount of.

  3. oldladygray,

    Officially a container nut. – It’s a plastic container. I read reviews so I checked the handles at the store, pick up desk. Best buy them that way so they don’t arrive at your door damaged.

  4. ShopSmart101,

    Best Desk – Perfect desk for a smaller space to have a sleek look. Sturdy and plenty of storage. Love the two levels to make the desk versatile for computer work and crafts / writing.

  5. 100% Egyptian Cotton Towe

    I have discovered this product a few years ago and I have been using it since the all year round. I highly recommend it if you would like to keep your lips moist all the time.

  6. Bing

    Use it at work. Smells fresh all day.

  7. GARY C.

    Very easy to wear and my wife simply just love it. Normally it’s kinda hard to get her to compliment a fragrance but “VOILLA” La Nuit de L’Homme, the name says it all.

  8. Oma,

    The cartons themselves are fine; one was broken in 10 pieces, two others have only one latch. Otherwise the box arrived more quickly than expected.

  9. Laura

    The color is very rich and Dianna was very helpful and patient. I also bought a gloss to go over this color and it looks terrific! Originally posted on macys.

  10. Beth,

    Love! – Love this desk. Exactly the look I was going for. Putting it together was ROUGH- took about 6 hours total.

  11. Bill

    great fragrance, long lasting.

  12. Adele

    The color, the feel and the long wear are what I like. I want anither one in a brifhyer color–more red than wine. Originally posted on macys.

  13. Amylh

    Beautiful color and gorgeous case. I will definitely be purchasing it in other colors.

  14. Kim777

    I bought a few of these lipsticks. Great color, long lasting, and moisturizing. Originally posted on macys.

  15. Nicole

    Fantastic color. Keeps lips feeling hydrated and not sticky. Lasts about 4 hours before needing to be reapplied. Originally posted on macys.

  16. Lola,

    Latches weren’t included – The latches were not included so the boxes don’t stay sealed. I didn’t feel like returning all 6 bulky boxes to the store so I kept them.

  17. JenM

    Bought 238 Luxe and color perfection for me. I wanted something a little warmer and a little darker than Amande Sucre, which I have loved for years.

  18. Anonymous

    Great desk! – Love the metal and the vintage oak color on the desk top. It was just what we were looking for with a great price! Only complaint is it took 5 hours for my husband and I to assemble.

  19. Michelle39,

    Assurance Incontinence Underwear for Men Maximum L/XL 18ct – I received Assurance Incontinence Underwear for Men Maximum L/XL 18 count as a Free Sample. I used them for a couple of weeks. I was really amazed at how well they fit your body.

  20. Al,

    I love my desk. It’s sturdy, HEAVY, but very well put together. I would know, I did it myself, in six hours.

  21. JennaBella

    Live the absolute lip line!!! I generally don’t like mattes as they appear dry, but the absolute poem matte has been my go to. It wears well, doesn’t bleed, looks natural and actually leaves.

  22. kaelaxbee

    I love love this. Its great I wish it was a tad more pigmented it looks a tad faded out on my melanin skin. But overall good.

  23. ciarasueleecarrero

    Reds not my favorite color but Im absolutely in love with this lipstick. I cannot believe how inventive and stylish just the case for it was. I loved the way the lipstick smelled like roses.

  24. The classic man

    It’s to light of a fragrance for me. It’s an immediate skin scent almost. Wouldn’t buy it again. The smell dies off to fast. Even if I spray a lot It doesn’t hold.

  25. stefanyrestrepomua

    This is such a beautiful color the lipstick is creamy and the packaging is just elegant and stunning this is the perfect red for date night or any night out , specially when you want.

  26. Happyfeet,

    Our great garage space – We are moving and I want to start this transition off being organized especially in your garage space. These containers are just perfect, clear, light weight and can be labeled.

  27. Knight Rider

    This is one of my favorite, I like this one too,.

  28. Smellyalater

    Smells like lotion and baby diapers.

  29. Will

    Excellent fragrance to use any season and for especial moments.

  30. Kevin

    La nuit de L’homme is the real deal. Believe me, I didn’t know how powerful it is until I went out in the night and notice how women can’t stay away from me. Packaging looks clean and thoughtful.

  31. Phil,

    Almost perfect! – Price was great. Shipping was excellent. Product? Not so much One of the tote latch handles does not latch. The other 5 are good though so 5 out of 6 ain’t bad.

  32. M,

    Just ok – Both drawers broke as I was putting them together. The rest of the desk seems to be ok.

  33. wifemamax3boss,

    Really love the design of this office desk. Very heavy and durable. Assembly wasn’t horrible either; the directions were very clear and easy to understand.

  34. anah5169

    I love the red tones but this one fell in love with me, it has a long duration and its really amazing Received an incentive for this review Yes.

  35. B,

    A lot of work – Looks great and is sturdy. Reason I give 3 stars is that the assembly was difficult. There are a lot of parts and several places to screw that have limited space to turn the bolts.

  36. Mario

    The only drawback that it has, is the performance, everything else it’s just flawless. That’s the reason why I gave ????.

  37. Elizabeth,

    Better than some other – I used these on a client of mine, as I am a caretaker. He did not leak at all during the night and he is 74 years old. Other brands we have tried do not give as much protection.

  38. Mr.Tiger

    To be honest excellent product I love the smell I receive a lot of compliments about it Thank you fragrances Much love..

  39. Shoghi

    Love love love this cologne and have tried all others and always come back to it. Praises from both sexes but always asked what I am wearing mainly comes from woman wanting for their spouses.

  40. BruceAli

    I have heard a lot about it , and I just used it . the smell is very unique . and safe ..

  41. Amy,

    Would not buy this product again. – Extremely difficult to put together. Extremely heavy and difficult to move.

  42. Anonymous

    Perfect, smooth and really so much pigmented. I love this!! #redlipstick #love #smooth Received an incentive for this review Yes.

  43. Moh5

    Very Good Scent Long Lasting I bought it again, great choice.

  44. Fallon,

    Awesome design – Such a lovely desk but definitely takes some patience on setting it up. Actually purchased two of these and both took approximately 3 hours each to set up.

  45. trayce29,

    If you’ve got time to waste…… – First off the look of this desk is amazing! That being said, the look alone would not EVER get me to buy this product again, knowing what I know now. Putting this together was the biggest pain.

  46. Pappu,

    Great product for Men who have urinary bladder leaks. – Great product for Men having urinary bladder leaks. Wore it a few days and felt confident. Maximum absorbency and soft to wear. The odor guard helps to keep it smell good.

  47. Yessed78,

    Perfect product – Love this product for more protection thanks for my elections for try new product underwear for incontinence this is my number #1 perfect more absorbent for more time good product [This review.

  48. Toxy,

    I just go the package into my apartmet. Overall excited of using them. Soon as I open the box, I see the top lid’s that are packaged into their own small box container.

  49. Banana

    The new reformulation sucks. Maybe it was great initially, but this reformulation is the worst. Can’t get more than 1 hour max.

  50. Smainsbeauty

    I have this in the shade 473. I was testing it out for the first time, so I wore it to work, and only reapplied it once from 10am-8pm. Around 8:30 that evening I got into a car accident.

  51. kdboyd17,

    Very comfortable and durable! – Been recuperating from having a baby a few months ago and still have bladder issues plus other issues periodically. These have been a lifesaver! Durable, comfortable, and stretchy material.

  52. JewelryLady10,

    Makes organizing a breeze! – These were the perfect size for helping to organize my garage. Even though they are clear, I am labeling them to make it even easier to find what I am looking for.

  53. hameed

    this smells like love, show stopper.

  54. Roger

    All round great product. A too bit pricey to be my staple scent but I must have it readily available.

  55. Knight Rider

    I love this,.

  56. Christo

    Great for night time.

  57. tinac32

    The color is very pretty and it goes on smoothly. Great product.

  58. ticia

    should always be in your collection.

  59. appleinvader,

    Sturdy – Okay so my husband is a collector and these are his totes! I can easily buy and tote and it’ll work for me but he likes to be able to see through without opening. These are very sturdy and.

  60. Centsible,

    Good bins at a good price – Big enough to hold a lot, not too heavy to lift when filled — if you don’t fill them with books or rock collections. Handles lock the lid down pretty solidly, and filled bins can be stacked.

  61. justin

    Smells great, not as spicy and deep as the 2009-2014 batches but still a good scent for special occasions.

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