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Product Information

52 reviews for Liquid Lipstick – Anastasia – Anastasia Bev. Hills

  1. Litas2,

    Amazing staying power. – It stays on all day. People ask me constantly, “What are you wearing!” I have showed them the product and the results. Many have bought it as well and love it.

  2. Jane

    Crazy staying power! – The hydramatte liquid lipsticks are one of the best ones I’ve used for sure. The staying power is amazing! I put it on in the morning before work and leave it at home, because with these,.

  3. signup1902

    I tried this with my birthday reward and it looked great! Looking forward to trying other colors.

  4. Isaily montilla

    Is Very beautiful i like this color so much !! In love.

  5. Beeuniquee

    The everlasting Liquid Lipstick is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. I just love the formula, not too drying on your lips but still lasts all day.

  6. Yecenia Maldonado

    Love it – The formulas is good and I love how it look on my lips and it very soft not dry.

  7. Memphis15

    Easy sheer lip product – I got this to try out since it’s so cheap. I feel like you get what you pay for with this one. It was a bit annoying to apply since it was kinda streaky. Didn’t last long. Color was pretty.

  8. HMSA


  9. Anonymous

    Does not clump, very smooth, and long lasting!! – Love the applicator! It makes it super easy to apply :).

  10. AnnieG24

    Great colours – I like the colours of these as i think they are really versitile, however they are quiet a dry formula compared with other brands.

  11. Sofia415

    It’s amazing but… – I bought 2 shades of this lipstick and I love the colors and the application, but it dries down too much and it starts cracking. Looks beautiful if you put some chapstick or lip balm underneath it.

  12. PhoenixHunt

    I absolutely love these lipsticks! The color is always amazing, they stay on through thick and thin and are super comfortable! Shade: Susperia # This product is: Easy to apply, Matte, Comfortable.

  13. Loli_mar

    Better than Sephora – I buy the same lipgloss color in Sephora, (same color, same effect) and I was very surprised. This lip gloss has the same plum effect ( a hint of mint to make my lip’s look bigger), a sweet.

  14. mmichellee123

    Brilliant – Colour was vivid and stayed put all day! Highly recommend.

  15. Fmay

    I was honestly not happy at all worst color I’ve ever gotten from kvd # This product is: Matte.

  16. Heather13

    I love red and I’m always on a hunt for great hydrating matte lip, my lips felt very soft and not sticky at all very smooth and hydrating. Packing is sleek and clean not bulky at all, this.

  17. Dshz

    Love it! These are the perfect size for on the go & travel. # This product is: Easy to apply, Matte.

  18. Tamolly

    Love Kat’s Liquid Lipstickand this is a good chance to try new shades. No complaints about the product.

  19. mommafourboys

    smells excellent! – I got this during the 60% off sale, I figured why not save a few extra cents or what have you. I didn’t expect to love it but I really do. It smells amazing and tastes pretty good too.

  20. Anonymous

    Cannot live without KVD Liquid Lipstick!!! I never wore lipstick until I found this stuff. The best!! # This product is: Easy to apply, Matte, Comfortable, Moisturizing.

  21. Emmza

    Great! Love it! Not a liquid lipstick! – This is a shimmery lipgloss. That said, I knew what the texure would be just looking at it on the website, which is why I chose it.

  22. SaraFawn,

    Definitely SuperStay!! – I work at retail chain with many different brands of make up and this lipstick was actually suggested to me by a customer! I am now a loyalist to this lipstick. I currently have 5 shades and.

  23. ela4

    Where’s the reasberry shade for tan and olive girl – This used to come in a rasberry shade? What happened to it, and is it coming back? It’s the perfect everyday shade (especially for a quick lip gloss), for olive skin girls or those in between.

  24. Yara_S

    Long lasting and easy to remove – I bought the “Praline” liquid matte lipstick a few months ago and all I got to say is I love it! This shade is perfect if you have a skin tone like mine and prefer to have a natural yet glamorous.

  25. Angel81etsu

    Great little lipgloss – I love these little things. I got a few different colors so I can have them all over. They give me a nice sheer color and aren’t sticky at all.

  26. Anonymous

    Be careful with them cause they are very tiny lipsticks! Shade: It comes with 5 different shades # This product is: Matte Review photo 1 Photo This action will open a modal dialog.

  27. Elvenspawn

    Meh – I wouldn’t call this “lipstick” so much as very pigmented lip gloss. Wipes off super easy. Not much product, but that’s understandable considering the price.

  28. SwiftCat

    Goes on nicely and looks great, but it dries my lips out so much.

  29. Adriro98

    I really liked this new product, I had never tasted anything of this brand before, it is very creamy and delicate with my lips, just try it in the store and I think the quality is very good,.

  30. Anonymous

    These minis may be smaller than the last set of mini everlasting lipsticks but make no mistake, they’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression. Buy these as a gift to give or in my case for.

  31. Vanessarae

    Wore one swipe to work on halloween. Worked 8 hours and it hadn’t faded at all! Shade: Ayesha # This product is: Easy to apply, Matte.

  32. Violetgirl

    I bought this product in the shade Unplugged and I love the dusty rose color! I tried this shade because it seemed it would work best with very pale skin, and it definitely does. If you have.

  33. Ana S

    My new favorite color. I have always been hesitant and unsure about how this color would look on me and I decided to go for it and now I am obsessed.

  34. elflover27

    Wowza!!! – This is a great lippie. It dries super quick and the pigmentation is out of this world.

  35. Huma Shaikh

    90210 – One of the best liquid lipstick. So comfortable to wear . Definitely must try.

  36. Kenedy

    Love. Color isn’t drying, stays forever and ships ridiculously quick.

  37. Anonymous

  38. Keyomi,

    My new favorite lipstick!! – OhMyGawd I love this lipstick! I bought the color visionary it’s a beautiful mauve/purple color. It goes on so frickin smooth, and it dries down after a few minutes.

  39. Idkgrl

    This is a really pretty and creamy shade. It definitely complimented my deeper skin tone Which is hard to find as is. I like that it’s not sticky and it’s easy to apply.

  40. Dezzy07

    You guys have the best shades ever I just had to get majority of all the colors I love the way it felt so smooth and creamy on my lips and the packaging is so cute an unique love that I can.

  41. Jennymarie

    This is my favorite color, perfect as always. Grabs me compliments. Beautiful.

  42. Mookiemonroe

    This was my first time stepping inside of blue Mercury and the experience was amazing I got to try the new lune+aster lip stick and I got and complimentary one as well as an influenster I love.

  43. Nicole Nunez

    Love it it’s so creamy and smooth and the pigment is amazing. If u haven’t tried the hydramatte liquid lipstick u need too they are definitely amazing . – Love it.

  44. Anonymous

    I am satisfied with my lipstick set and costumer service because my package was lost and you reship it.

  45. Angeles3548

    I fall in Love the way I can mix if I want it or just keep the color I choose. Review photo 1 Photo This action will open a modal dialog.

  46. AQuietPlace4Mom

    particuli choose “Long Walk” because or the revamp 90’s feel. The color is dark enough on fair skin for current trends. The formula is creamy and controllable.

  47. Anonymous

    muy practico el tamaño para traerlo en la bolsa. Shade: todos # This product is: Comfortable.

  48. LolaLoveless,

    Excellent Product Performance – I try lipsticks all the time trying to find the perfect once in a lifetime, signature ME lipstick. I have just a couple of things that I MUST HAVE to even bother with it and this one has them.

  49. Chrissy

    Great Color but Drying – This has great color and coverage, however, it is drying on my lips which makes me want to lick them more. The opening of my mouth does flake some due to the licking.

  50. Kara

    The lipstick that will keep up with you – I find that I often get myself into crazy wild nights and I was going out with my girl friends and needed a lipstick that could keep up with me. I mean, this night in particular really put.

  51. Mina

    Best Liquid Lipstick – Best liquid lipstick in the market!!.

  52. bpunchie

    a good lip gloss – I use these pretty regularly for qick outings. It’s a nice gloss, not too sticky and in a very easy to apply applicator. It’s good for a quick pop of color.

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OhMyGawd I love this lipstick! I bought the color visionary it’s a beautiful mauve/purple color. It goes on so frickin smooth, and it dries down after a few minutes. For the ones saying it stays tacky I’ve never had that issue at all, just make sure you don’t have anything else on your lips and your good to go. The scent smells sooo good as well I really don’t have to reapply at all during the day, sometimes I do after I eat, depending on what I eat, but really if I don’t have time I’m still good after a long day. I’m most definitely gonna buy more colors soon, I need like a nice nude color to go with my bold eye days, and I really want that gorg red rose color. The price is so reasonable too which is hard to find with this kind of quality. Maybelline is an awesome brand though and one that I definitely stand by.

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BrandAnastasia Bev. Hills
Manufacturer Part NumberSSMATINK-5
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H0.72 x 0.72 x 4.43 Inches
Makeup FormLiquid Lipsticks
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