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Product Information

84 reviews for Lipstick – Super Lustrous Rum Raisin – Revlon

  1. Maggie H

    looks good, feels good! – Beautiful shade, can be worn lightly for a natural look, or layered for a bolder statement. Lasts for hours, smells good, feels good.

  2. tiffanyb

    I love my Blush Pink lipstick. It’s glides on smoothly. The color is vibrant. I love the variety of colors to choose from. I love that the color doesn’t bleed.

  3. iqraa

    Wonderful shades and quality – This is my favorite lipstick ever! It glides on smoothly and stays for hours. Its the perfect shade of red. I literally bought three shades. I love this lipstick.

  4. LMM7

    Ruby Red is fabulous – I purchased Ruby Red. I’ve been looking for a lipstick like this for a long time: cruelty-free, beautiful ruby color, matte, stays put, no overpowering scent, not drying, decent pigmentation.

  5. Anonymous

    I received this lipstick in shade NU PREFERE as a complimentary from @influenster and @lauramercier for review purpose . I would say this is a good lipstick , the shade is perfect every day.

  6. Jessie S

    Great color, easy application, and moisturizing. Not as long wearing as I would like but love to wear and reapply as needed.

  7. Anonymous

    I love this lip color that I combined with the Baby Lips lipliner also by Laura Mercier! Not a huge fan of lipsticks so when I wear it has to be a perfect nude color and this one did not disappoint.

  8. peppers731

    Very creamy full pigment lipstick i own about 15 shades i think that is a testament to how good these are, they don’t bleed they don’t need a lip liner just swipe it on and it lasts a good.

  9. Keely D

    Tarte lipstick – My favorite color ever! I’m so happy I purchased it again for the second time!.

  10. Cindy C

    Lipstick was broken on arrival! Never even got to use it because it was broken and fell out of the tube!!.

  11. Kara H

    Beautiful – Beautiful color, gorgeous packaging, great product! Not great customer service though??.

  12. Rosa F.

    Nice formula – Nice formula and good pigmentation.

  13. Deborah L

    Thrilled and very satisfied!!! – Beautiful color!!!!! Love decorative lipstick holder it is in!!!!! Soooo happy with what I ordered!!!!!!.

  14. Alysse M

    Color splash lipstick – I like how easy and smooth it went on!.

  15. Shaleigh

    My go to lipstick – Rum punch is my go to nude and I love the creamy formula. This won’t last as long as liquid but it wears off evenly. I don’t wear heavy lipsticks so this is a great natural feeling option.

  16. Dacy

    I’m not very pleased. Need 3 layers or it’s not fully covered. The color is not so great unfortunately.

  17. Jennifer W

    Love – Love this lipstick! It’s so hydrating and it lasts for a long time. The colors are so nice to!!!.

  18. Laura M

    Yey! – I love this color! I love the formula to this lipstick!.

  19. Nicole G

    My favorite lipstick! – Love the formula and color range. So soft and creamy, long lasting, beautiful!.

  20. Anonymous

    I’ve alwags been a fan of bullet lipsticks and this may be a new favorite! It’s pigmented and so rich and creamy but doesn’t smear or move around on you. It almost feels like a balm.

  21. HappyValley

    Pretty colors, doesn’t stay put – I wanted to love this lipstick because the colors are so pretty, but the product is difficult to apply and does not stay in place. However, the product is creamy and moisturizing, which is a plus.

  22. A C

    my go-to lipstick – i literally love the tarte color splash lipstick in surf’s up. i took my senior portrait wearing this shade, my prom pictures, and with most of my instagram posts.

  23. buootiful

    The color is fantastic if it was opaue – Color Cha Cha. Every color performs differently. This is a very moisturizing but the color payoff is not great.

  24. Megan P

    Favorite lipstick – I love this because it moisturizes my lips and looks great. Not super long lasting. I keep it with me and apply as needed. The colors I have are Sunkissed and Rum Punch and they look great.

  25. Nathalie

    Creaminess – I seriously love the lipstick consistency and formula of Tarte’s lipsticks. As always the color is so pretty and the packaging, the tube, is very sturdy.

  26. angela b

    Love love love – Love the choice of lipstick colours. Love the price. Love that you post to the UK.

  27. Zedkitty

    Very drying, uneven coverage, the color looked very different to the picture on the website. Shade: Malice # This product is: Matte.

  28. AutumnGirl

    Beautiful Blushing Brown – I bought this in Blushing Brown, and it’s my favorite shade of lipstick ever. It looks fairly natural, just a bit darker than my usual color, but it’s noticeable enough that I feel polished.

  29. ??????

    Great feel and color! – I love this lipstick! I bought it in Salt Lyfe. For my skin tone, the color is like my natural lip color, just with a little ‘something’.

  30. Meme01

    Love it – Love this lipstick. So moisturizing .

  31. Tarte User

    Popsicle Color – I have only tried the popsicle color but the formula of this lipstick is great. I feel like it is exactly what you look for in a lipstick! Creamy, long lasting and amazing color payoff!.

  32. Fatima m

    Lovely colors & texture – Moisturizing and great color payoff. looks flattering on my olive/yellow south asian skin.

  33. Anonymous

    These minis may be smaller than the last set of mini everlasting lipsticks but make no mistake, they’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression. Buy these as a gift to give or in my case for.

  34. Hollie P

    Love! – Love love love. The packaging is gorgeous and it feels so heavy and luxury.

  35. Yonit A

    Boardwalk is hydrating and beautiful – Boardwalk is my everyday go to lipstick. I am a deep honey/chocolate tone so its a perfect nude for me with a rich greige-ish brown finish. I think it will go great with any skin tone.

  36. Brooklyn

    Great long lasting & hydrating formula – I have the shade salt lyfe and it is one of my favorite lipsticks in my collection. It is such a beautiful color and the formula is very hydrating but also long lasting especially for a hydrating.

  37. Linda D

    LOVE This lipstick – I have this lipstick in many colors. It’s creamy and lasts a long time. I put it on before work and I still have it at lunch. It’s not drying at all. Tarte is the best company.

  38. Anonymous

    To start, I’m not a fan of the color (this is strictly preference, but it pulled too pink for my liking). For those who love pinky nudes, it could work, but I already knew this wouldn’t be.

  39. las2327

    flirty flamingo – This is really drying and you have to reapply it a lot. That said, it’s the perfect texture to create that smudged, Parisian-girl look. Flirty Flamingo is really pretty.

  40. edentrinity14

    Love this lipstick. The shade is Perfect. It’s long wearing and very comfortable on the lips.… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  41. Anonymous

    muy practico el tamaño para traerlo en la bolsa. Shade: todos # This product is: Comfortable.

  42. Shannon J

    Best. Lip. Ever. – This is my favorite lipstick I’ve ever owned. I started with salt lyfe (fav shade), and keep going back for new ones.

  43. Tamolly

    Love Kat’s Liquid Lipstickand this is a good chance to try new shades. No complaints about the product.

  44. Stacey R

    Love, Love, Everlasting lipstick. It last so long and is not as drying as other lip-stain brands.

  45. Morgan R

    Crap service – Arrived broken. Lipstick was snapped in half and Tarte refused to send out a replacement as its not “company policy”.

  46. Ingrid V

    Loving the lipsticks – Love the formula of this lipstick it’s moisturizing and creamy. Great product.

  47. Justin L

    Creamy… – Love this lipstick. I have many colors in this lipstick.

  48. Anonymous

    Cannot live without KVD Liquid Lipstick!!! I never wore lipstick until I found this stuff. The best!! # This product is: Easy to apply, Matte, Comfortable, Moisturizing.

  49. Satanslittlesister

    Best value by price – These lipsticks aren’t drying, which is great and often leave lips feeling velvet just like the name suggests. They do smudge very easily so be careful during application and wear.

  50. Carole B

    Super moisturising – Love this lipstick, it’s moisturising and feels great on the lips. Salt Lyte is my favourite shade.

  51. Laura J

    Pretty good – Very nice, creamy texture. What I didn’t care for was that I felt like it was faded after just a bit.

  52. Moriah J

    Perfect lipstick for summer.

  53. Shriya G.

    All gorgeous colors! – 5 o clock is a PERFECT nude for me and I love berry mojito!.

  54. CacCrc

    This is awesome! Perfect coverage, looks beautiful and lasts for hours!!.

  55. Angeles3548

    I fall in Love the way I can mix if I want it or just keep the color I choose. Review photo 1 Photo This action will open a modal dialog.

  56. Anonymous

    This lipstick went on very smooth and creamy. The color was bold and well pigmented.

  57. Daniella F

    PERFECT – I hate extra creamy lipsticks that smudge over everything and matte lipsticks that make your lips so dry that they look cracked. This lipstick is the perfect combination of both sides.

  58. laurenr1

    I’m surprised by this creme lipstick! It applies very silky smooth and takes two coats to reach a fu… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  59. Lisa J

    Lovely Lippy – This lipstick glides on. Perfect everyday lipstick.

  60. Anonymous

    Be careful with them cause they are very tiny lipsticks! Shade: It comes with 5 different shades # This product is: Matte Review photo 1 Photo This action will open a modal dialog.

  61. Kathy C

    A must have in my life! – Love this lipstick so much I keep buying more. I can’t wait to try more shades. It is very smooth and feels great on my lips. It doesn’t dry out my lips which is great.

  62. Jennymarie

    This is my favorite color, perfect as always. Grabs me compliments. Beautiful. Review photo 1 Photo This action will open a modal dialog. Review photo 2 Photo This action will open a modal dialog.

  63. Dshz

    Love it! These are the perfect size for on the go & travel. # This product is: Easy to apply, Matte.

  64. Topaz C

    Amazing Lip stick – This lipstick had beautiful color, feels great and stay on all day!! I love the creamy feel and it doesn’t dry my lips out!!.

  65. Les Nik

    This is my fave red long lasting lipstick. I lost my last one was was SO mad at myself. It ruined the whole outfit I had planned. I know that sounds silly but it’s true.

  66. RefreshBeauty3

    Creamy & dreamy color! – This lipstick feels so buttery and soft on the lips. The Beach Babe color is a perfect everyday nude and wears beautifully.

  67. Nash

    Bows&arrowz I love this matte lipstick wow its so beautiful and natural Its my new favorite ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  68. Melina6

    Cute brown – I got this in blushing brown as a gift, at first, without using it, i didn’t like it, but later, when i try it on, i love it, gota very natural look with it.

  69. Lexi P

    I love this lipstick so much it is so smooth and makes me feel confident and great.

  70. Laxmi T

    Love ???? – It’s so pretty. Compliments my skin tone n the texture????.

  71. Anonymous

    So, so pretty! I love the way it feels when you first put it on.

  72. itsjustme

    Quality lipstick, love the shade – I love this lipstick. I got the Blushing Brown shade. The color flatters my skin tone, and the material used to make the lip color is excellent.

  73. Erika

    Obsessed with this lipstick! It’s hard to find a really fantastic vegan lipstick and this one nailed it! The colours are great and it isn’t drying either.

  74. Oxana F

    Beach Babe – My best nude so far. It has the good staing power, nondrying formula and pretty design.

  75. Emjey B

    Good for light skin tone ! – I got the “Beach babe” lipstick, very good quality and last long but I might have ordered a colour a bit too light for me as I got my summer tan ! Will definitely use it more during winter,.

  76. Sajeer B

    Love it!! – Really really good!!.

  77. Michelle U

    The sample is darker – This color was darker in the sample and I am super disappointed. This color is the same shade as my skin tone it makes me look sickly.

  78. Mrs mac

    Blushing brown – It has a lot of pigment and it does stay put. But the color is darker then what is pictured and what I saw on YouTube. I do like the lipstick but would rather buy in store.

  79. Anonymous

    I am satisfied with my lipstick set and costumer service because my package was lost and you reship it.

  80. Jolie B

    Must have! – I love this lippy! I got a mini version in a set and was so impressed that I got the full size version for myself and another for my bestie.

  81. Anonymous

    Such a creamy and pretty lipstick doesn’t feel dry or flakey, makes lips look pouty and shiny . Great.

  82. Anonymous

    Very!!!!!! Silky!!!!! Doesn’t feel like a lipstick cause it’s very moisturizing !! The packaging so beautiful!!!!.

  83. Claudette N

    Love this lipstick – My favorite lipstick. Wonderful color and goes on smooth and creamy.

  84. Tabea

    Perfect go to lipstick – Great Pigmentation, very comfortable on the lips. I got the shade “Daiquiri” and I love it. Such a bright and fun shade.

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