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Product Information

72 reviews for E.l.f. Ex-tra Lip Gloss

  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

  3. BunnyBoo223,

    Oh. My. God. Love it. – I bought this on a whim and I honest to god think this is my favorite product on ELF! It is a more pigmented lipstick then I have ever seen before. Goes on first time smoothly and evenly.

  4. ppotpalmer

    I seriously can’t stop using this lip gloss; it is so moisturizing! I own 5 of the 7 shades, with the last 2 (Joe and Scott) in the collection on the way. Brett is such an elegant red shade.

  5. MommaM

    Received my product broken but they sent me a replacement and I received it yesterday and I love the color. So glad they sent me a new one because I love this lip gloss. Very nice application.

  6. JahJah

    Great color bad packaging – I love the color and finish. Unfortunately, I finally decided to start using it twisted it to closed (not aggressively and I am a small woman) and this happened :(.

  7. Anonymous

    I love how smoothly these glosses go on, and how they give the perfect amount of color. They’re also super affordable, and look very classy on.

  8. CharlotteJ

    I have these in Scott, Mark and Joe. (Its cute that they are like the names of your exes) I really like these as they are actually pigmented, they aren’t too shimmery and they come in a variety.

  9. Anonymous

  10. rollergirl99

    I was excited to try this lip gloss based on all of the good reviews, so I ordered it along with a few other things. It came today and when I went to unscrew the cap – the doe foot part of.

  11. Andromeda3

    Ordered For New Packaging But Got The Old – My go to – I have been using this stain for about 3 years now? I keep replacing it when I run out or it expires. As a makeup minimalist I love that it provides a nice wash of color without.

  12. Anonymous

  13. Anonymous

  14. Anonymous

  15. Anonymous

    I love this lipgloss it is so affordable it gives you just the right amount to color it does feel moisturizing it stays for a good long time it’s nicely packaged and most definitely recommend.

  16. multiculturegirl,

    Best Red Lip Gloss EVER! – Brett is the best red lip gloss I’ve ever found! These have amazing pigmentation. They are moisturizing and do not have that glossy spreading issue like many thinner glosses do.

  17. Anonymous

    Just wow ! For the price Elf kicks ass! I have some of these that are amazing with brilliant colors and a shimmer that’s to die for ! I wish it was less sticky and lasted longer but for a couple.

  18. SuzieB

    I own all of these. They are incredibly high quality for the price. They’re comparable to high end lip glosses that I own that are ten times the price.

  19. Goldwave

    I just tried this in “Brett”. It is a PERFECT red for Spring-toned women. It is WOW while at the same time not distracting from your face, if that makes sense.

  20. Raevon17

    I received my order yesterday and I was happy with all the products I received except my eye blending brush. Then a couple of hours later I try to swatch this lipgloss (shade; Brian) and the.

  21. Anonymous

  22. Anonymous

  23. cailynmary

    I just love it! Great texture, great pigmentation and a good applicator. The applicator isn’t expensive but it works. # On-the-go, Special Occasion, Daily Use ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  24. Anonymous

  25. YannaMacho

    I need to buy 5 more! – This is the most pigmented gorgeous nude for my skin tone!.

  26. misssheart

    I ordered Marc, thinking it would be a fun bright colour for spring – wrong. It’s still pretty, but its more of a muted dusty pink/mauve than what the pictures shows.

  27. Christina322

    Erm… – It’s a nice colour and does leave a hint of a stainBUT it goes on so clumpy and patchy. The first layer is fine but a bit patchy and sheer but the second layer is super patchy and is gloopy.

  28. Anonymous

    I cannot believe that these are so cheap!! These are amazing! If your walk right past ELF normally you should stop and try these lip glosses! I have a few different shades and they are never.

  29. EstaW

    I had about given up on most of your gloss’s, tired most of them now, as being too sticky, or too sweet, this one however. does it perfectly..

  30. hernameisJess

    I gave this 5 stars because it deserves 5 stars. I am really picky with my glosses so I was skeptical about these.

  31. FluteMusic88

    I bought three of these looking for my new go-to lipstick. These are super pigmented, nice shimmer and shine, and the applicator is fantastic.

  32. Anonymous

  33. alphabits23

    Easy to apply lip stain – The gel consistency of this lip stain makes it easy to apply, unlike the benetint from benefit cosmetics. It doesn’t last all day, but lasts longer under a lip balm.

  34. cheapestdutchie

    sheer red hard to find – I have dark hair and eyes and light skin, and do not wear a lot of makeup. I do somethimes want a little something on my lips, so I usually try to find more of a tinted lipbalm type product.

  35. Anonymous

  36. Kimnmmmm

    It is not a lip gloss. It’s a lipstick. – I wanted a lip gloss. I don’t wear lipstick. I guess I have to give it away please make sure you correct the description.

  37. cami1234567890

    I have this in marc and i have no complaints! i really like the color and texture and smell! # On-the-go, Special Occasion, Daily Use ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on.

  38. bliss

    I get this last week , this is amazing i dont have any bad thing to say about this gloss just buy it and see for your self. Thanks elf. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  39. Josiejj

    Great all rounder – I bought this recently and I like it, I use it on both my lips and cheeks, it’s a lovely colour which blends in well on the cheeks to give a great risy glow. Also gives a great stain effect.

  40. kristiemarie,

    AMAZING – i own four of these and i am telling you they are amazing. they are more of a liquid lipstick than the liquid lipsticks are! my favorite has to be brian! it’s an everyday peachy pink.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m not typically a gloss girl and it’s because a lot of them are really sticky! I didn’t like this gloss because it makes my lips feel too sticky and just gross! Won’t be buying this.

  42. airheadx18

    Great for everyday! – I love the formula of these lip glosses. It’s thicker than your average lip gloss, so it has way more coverage and pigmentation. It’s almost like a mix between a lipstick and a lip gloss.

  43. TaraL

    I got this in the shade Brian in the New year new you collection and I love the lip gloss itself (soft and seems to have some moisturizing properties; and the applicator I love the shape and.

  44. Tamara1984

    These little babies shocked me! I have them in the colors Brett and Micheal and didn’t know what to expect. I love the color pay off and last on my lips for a good amount of time before I need.

  45. Andie101

    I originally bought the red colour, and it was the most pigmented, comfortable, and affordable gloss I have ever bought. You don’t even need a red lipstick underneath, it is complete on its.

  46. amyewatts91

    I have I think five of these now and my only complaint is that the sponge tip applicator popped off when I opened one of my new ones for the first time today; makes me extremely sad because.

  47. Anonymous

    I have been using Elf for a while, but this product did not hold up as well as some of my other products. It does have a nice bold color, just wished it stayed on longer.

  48. Kiki23

    Doesn’t Compliment Dark Skin Tones – The texture of the product is nice and it isn’t drying, however, the product is definitely lighter than the image posted. It is a litter darker than a peanut brown, and doesn’t compliment darker.

  49. Jenna111

    I will be buying one more of the glosses in a pink. Because the “Marc” I got is slightly muted and seems more like the other gloss.

  50. Anonymous

  51. Camuhkazi

    I really do love this product and, whenever I don’t have the Red Carpet moisturizing lipstick on, I wear this badboy instead. As much as I do love the color and it’s very true to it and has.

  52. Anonymous

    I’m not much of a gloss fan but I bought this brand in a clear to add some shine and it worked really wel!! The only thing I didn’t like was how little product the applicator grabs but.

  53. Anonymous

    These elf glosses are so much nicer than I expected. They aren’t runny but aren’t thick and gloppy.

  54. arcadiarose

    I bought this gloss in Michael and Brett. I liked them so much, I ordered all the rest. The colors are wonderful, pigmented and creamy. They almost remind me of a liquid lipstick.

  55. yiotaturtle

    Different type of product – Received dewy berry as gift w/purchase. Thought it might be a lip gloss so put it on over a lip balm. That was an absolute fail.

  56. Yuliana

    OMG ! Love it – Had the Crushed Berries and I’m obssesed. Wasn’t expecting such a great lipstick. Easy to apply, the pigments are great and it smells really nice.

  57. MellovesELF78

    So I order this color Luke and Brian and Brian I tried right away and I am in love ! These lipgloss are so awesome. Smell great not stick but go on pretty .

  58. canunot,

    Absolutely AMAZING. – I cannot put into words how amazing this gloss is. I have it in “Marc,” which is the best summery bubblegum pink I have ever found, no lie.

  59. wigglin

    I have several of these and I really like them. They’re not shimmery, smelly, or sticky, all of which I hate in glosses.

  60. Rushx3

    Michael is amazing. I am sri lankan and have darker skin and was surprised that it even showed up on my lips. It’s so flattering, not sticky, and I just love it. Totallyyyyyy great.

  61. Sarsa

    I bought this in Brett. I have never worn color on my lips because nothing looks right on me.

  62. Anonymous

    These are so cute! The whole “Ex” theme is cute as hell! Each color is named after a guy’s name. They’re really glossy & long lasting, the application & packaging is top-notch.

  63. Madnessisgenius,

    Like the shade – Bought the Michael shade and it’s exactly like the cherry tart shade in the other lipstick! This one has a tint of some pink which is nice and it wears nice with my fair/porcelain skin tone.

  64. SaraJ

    I purchased this a few weeks ago in shades Brian and Michael and I love how pigmented they are! No lipstick/liner needed under them in my opinion. Unfortunately though, the applicator on the.

  65. fireworkbaby

    beautiful shade I wish it would last longer on my lips though. I love the applicator # On-the-go, Daily Use ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on eyeslipsface.

  66. Dantalian cosplay

    Gorgeous color – I bought this lipgloss no so long ago and I’m really amazed by the color! It’s so bright and the product is easy to apply! I would definitely recommend buying the red apple But, you need to.

  67. SeaCat

    This gloss is absolutely gorgeous and long wearing. Easy breezy going on and the color is just so pretty. I bought “Brian” and will buy several more colors.

  68. RebekahE99

    This gloss is super-pigmented and non-sticky. The opacity is like a liquid lipstick, with the shine and texture of a gloss. I received the shades Brett and Michael in a Disney beauty book.

  69. MariTamy

    Beautiful color – This lip gloss is so beautiful, it looks great on any color of skin, I bought 8 of them and gave it to my mom and friends.

  70. Iharag

    Natural stain – I got the berry color as a gift in my purchase and instantly went back to buy the rest. This product is very watery and blends in to a stain, don’t expect intense color.

  71. Abbny

    I almost like it – When I get the application just right – when I have the time to put on another 7 coats to fill in the patchy spots from the last coat and it doesn’t spread across my bottom lip line while drying.

  72. Cupcakegloss

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago and love it! I work in a deli so havent gotten to wear it for long periods of time yet but when I put it on the color is amazing and it feels so comfortable.

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e.l.f. Ex-tra Lip Gloss is a multi-purpose lip gloss that will add high intensity color enriched in nourishing vitamins. The formula contains Vitamin A & E, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower, Avocado and Grape — a combination that protects your lips and keeps them conditioned and moisturized. The ultra-smooth texture glides on effortlessly and is non-sticky.

This ultra-smooth, rich colored gloss is loaded with extra ingredients to moisturize and condition. Create lips so gorgeous, they’ll have your exes wanting you back; Enriched with Vitamins A&E, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower, Avocado, and Grape to nourish and protect the lips. The unique applicator shape applies precise color for a perfectly pouty look.

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