Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette, Roses 815, 0.23 Oz

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Product Information

65 reviews for Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette, Roses 815, 0.23 Oz


    Absolutely love this color blend! Thank you Covergirl for being the only cosmetic company to include Olive and Golden Olive shadows together in one palate! P.S.

  2. EMMY,

    Pretty good. Palette is 2.12 Inches by 4.5 inches aprox. Lighter colored are not as oigmented but still work nicely. The shine is glittery and not shimmery Incase u wanted to know.

  3. Gingerbread Mommy,

    Gorgeous pallet! – First of all I absolutely adore covergirl products, always have always willthat being said I was so excited they were coming out with a new smoky eye set. The colors are gorgeous with just.

  4. im2boysmom93

    I like this palette because of the gorgeous colors and the depth it adds to my eyes. At first the chocolate scent was fun, but now when I use it I find it distracting.

  5. triciaaa1

    Wow, this really smells exactly like chocolate! It’s fun to use! The colors are pretty and are very pigmented. I like all the different shades and how it has a mixture of both glittery and.

  6. kathrine

    These eyeshadows are very pigmented and creamy. They look absolutely beautiful and every skintone. It’s a good drugstore eyeshadow palette. Nothing needs to be improved on this product.

  7. jessicas5734

    This palette wasnt terrible and the shadows do have some nice pay off but I think there are just much better drugstore options out there. The pallete has a lot of kickback and the colors need.

  8. makeup_by_m33

    Oh my god this product is the all-time best drugstore eyeshadow palette that I have ever tried it is really good with pigmentation it has amazing shimmer formula in the mats are really nice.

  9. jakeria_cooley

    when it comes to eyeshadows, im really more of a nude girl when it comes to the eyeshadow colors/palette because i like to keep my makeup natural, not too full glam. i bought this palette months.

  10. kelsey__rachel

    For a drugstore brand this eyeshadow isn’t bad at all. I used it as a dupe for some of my more expensive nude pallets and it totally work.

  11. carooloon

    I love these palettes so much, they apply so smoothly and have an impressive amount of pigment to them! I will say that there can be a lot of fallout, and the shimmery shades are not as heavily.

  12. bigboldbeautiful

    I love these eyeshadow palettes! The quality and price are amazing and they have many different ones to choose from. They are some of the best eyeshadows for the price and are some of my favourites.

  13. lbigbie23

    Love these colors and I didnt realize it was chocolate scented!!! Added bonus!! The colors are great as well as the pigment. Its really a great combo of colors that will work for everyone!.

  14. ericab8fe9

    I have a lot of palettes but getting this one in my Influenster Beauty Box was an amazing addition to my collection! This palette is perfect for traveling because it is small but has all my.

  15. sarakandherbooks

    The colors were nice for when I was just running out of the house whether it was for work or to run errands. It was pretty affordable, and I’d say worth the money.

  16. hillarys3

    I have had few experiences with CoverGirl products I have enjoyed but this eyeshadow palette was actually pretty. I felt like the colors blended smoothly but had a slight “chalk” feel to them.

  17. chriseanngilliland

    This is a great brand. I love the smell of it. I am not a natural Browns chic but these shades were ok. Its a long lasting eyeshadow and stays on all day.

  18. missyd89

    I really do enjoy these palettes. They have a nice selection of colors in each one.

  19. freckles_asl0587

    CoverGirl is coming up in the world. They have a chocolaty scented palette. The colors are neutrals and good for transition colors. There are 8 colors in total in this palette.

  20. marycivitano

    I got these as part an affordable makeup challenge on my Instagram. They do have quite a bit of fallout. They are super pretty and blend well.

  21. gelasjams

    I used this palette today for the first time and I have to say I’m impressed. The colors are pigmented and didn’t produce a ton a fallout.

  22. kaleeg

    This is definitely a great palette for the price. The shadows apply well for a drugstore palette, but most (If not all) of the shadows are shimmers.

  23. sophiao505b

    I received this palette when I bought the influenster box. It smells like chocolate which I love. The matte colors have good pigment but still takes a couple of layers to get a nice base.

  24. harmsm93

    I love these palettes. I feel they are one of the best eyeshadow palette formulas at the drugstore. I have 3 (the peach, chocoholic, and the nudes).

  25. lorrainejb16d

    As it is on the lower end of the price range I didn’t have my hopes high on this product. But for the price it does a great job but I would prefer and recommend using something that blends.

  26. mellybelly86

    Pretty colors- I love that I received the nudes palette because I am not adventurous when it comes to my eyeshadows-they are pretty and decently pigmented for being covergirl and drugstore.

  27. christymarie87

    I absolutely love they cover girl trunaked eyeshadow palettes. The colors have a dark and deep pigmentation too them. I also love the scented ones.

  28. SUMMERkh

    I’ve purchases the rose palette and absolutely love some of the shades and would really love if some of these colors were sold individually so I could purchase the specific color I use the.

  29. ladygraced

    Not gonna lie, the whole”it smells like chocolate” thing kind of skeeves me out a bit. I don’t like my makeup to smell like fake food.

  30. carolynwddc7

    I apply this stuff almost daily. I absolutely love the color selection. I got this as a beginner learning how to apply and where to put the particular colors.

  31. caitlynr9351

    This was my go to eyeshadow before trying colourpop and buying the real urban decay naked palette. This palette is fine and I still dip into it occasionally, but my tastes have changed and.

  32. vngelicvv

    The pigmentation of this was surprising! Super easy to blend and work with (I do feel that the packing then blending worked best to get the color pay off). Smells so good! Its giving me vibes.

  33. jinxx5960

    I love all the shades in this palette. Each shade is extremely pigmented. All the shades in the palette blends very easily. I believe anyone can use the palette.

  34. kalynnm

    When I opened this up it smelled like chocolate but Its not my shades that I like but I will use it.i don’t know how much it actually cost in a store but if it’s ok I’ll but it again .

  35. drewccad0

    Lots of varieties and left me feeling inspired to create new looks! Isn’t as long lasting as I would love however I’ve found that if you put concealer on your eyelid before applying it.

  36. loriw7

    I use this pallette a few times a week. It has a nice smooth feel and works well after i apply my eye prep. It ladts most of day depending on what kind of day Im having.

  37. jamiesf365

    These palettes are amazing. I own almost all of these palettes except maybe one. For a drugstore shadow it’s made with really good quality. They blend well and are very pigmented.

  38. lisapangea

    I love the versatility of the pallette (my mom and I both use this same color pallette- separate palettes of course). The only improvement Id make is to have a higher quality brush to go along.

  39. Laurie66

    I really like the colors and they blend well. I am unhappy with the smell. I guess it’s suppossed to smell like chocolate, But it smells like a chemical chocolate smell. Quite unappealing.

  40. aleciav0a5d

    I’ve bought many covergirl products over the years, their quality and pricing go together at times they turn out to be better products for the pricing. I love this pallet.

  41. tisham3

    Beautiful colours, the colours have a high pay of not much fall out and look sophisticated I have the true naked sunsets which is a 10 dollar Dupe for Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance.

  42. tval_89

    I have an obsession with these palettes, I first purchased the peach and chocolate palettes and I always get so many compliments when I used them (especially the peach one). I love the scents.

  43. mollymeany

    I’ve been using Cover Girl eyeshadow for years. I love their palates and coverage. I also love their collections of colors that all work together so well.

  44. sumisumi335

    I’m not one for buying huge eyeshadow pallets. They feel so wasteful to me (I tend to do more neutral looks) so I love that this is small but still gives me some variety.

  45. Facesbypriya,

    Great pallete – I received the trunaked Smokey eyeshadow pallete and the primer to try complimentary through Influenster but am so glad I got to try them. It’s been years since I’ve tried products from the.

  46. kalynnm

    I love all the types of colors that come in these palettes. They all bring my eyes outs. Some better then others.

  47. peaceandclarity

    This is the BEST drugstore eyeshadow palette. I have gone through multiple of these and I still reach for it more than any other shadows.

  48. donneithar

    I have this palette in Dazed, and I must tell you it is absolutely awesome, it’s bold, yet subtle. You can definitely pull off at the very least six different looks with this palette.

  49. brandil4

    My absolute FAVORITE eye shadow palette of all time. The colors are potent and strong, without being overbearing.

  50. samjane,

    Nice little Palette – I liked this palette. I liked that on the back, they had step by step instructions for different types of looks. That was perfect for beginners like me. The color payout was really good.

  51. valkyrierockett

    I am surprised that this eyeshadow palette got such high reviews. I do like it, but I noticed that some of the darker shades in the rose palette looked murky on my skin tone.

  52. camilac9

    I havent had many great experiences with covergirl, and this wasnt the exception. I bought this product for my mom, given that she doesnt like very pigmented eyeshadows, but this was way worse.

  53. jordavellii

    So much kudos for covergirl stepping their cookies up ! Or stepping their chocolate up lmao ! The minute I opened it , I got a watt of chocolate before I put it to my nose. Tbh it isn’t so.

  54. Becqui

    I just bought this last week and I love the colours. They are almost “goof proof”. I purchased the “roses” collection and it works well with brown/hazel eyes. However, the shadows are too powdery.

  55. nikkil2

    I absolutely love the roses palette from covergirl, I’ve bought this specific palette several times and I am never disappointed. I truly love the coverage it gives and it lasts all day long.

  56. kirs10_ashley

    Im not a huge fan of CGs eyeshadows, mainly because they arent pigmented to my liking. However, this palette was good for a neutral/smokey eye. My palettes typically have a lot more color choices.

  57. dizldazzle

    This is not the worst eyeshadow pallet I have ever used, but not one of my top picks either. That being said, this is the best Cover Girl eyeshadow I have ever used.

  58. anjeliiique

    These covergirl trunaked eyeshadow palettes are so bomb. Buttery and pigmented and last for hours. I really love them honestly I would make the pan size SLIGHTLY bigger but that’s just me.

  59. Twilight

    They are the BOMB!!!! I am so happy that you finally came out with a hit! I love the Trunaked series, especially Peach Punch & Chocoholic! Now – I can’t wait for you to come out with some peach.

  60. cember5

    It is beginner friendly . It has the three different types of shadows like matte, shimmer and slightly more intense shimmer. I like how it has a clear lid to see what shades are in the compact.

  61. sarahmay_05

    I wanted the Naked Palette look without paying so much money, so COVERGIRL TruNaked Eyeshadow Palettes were perfect for me. The Roses, Nudes, and Goldens palettes gave me every color I would.

  62. staceef

    I really like this pallet a lot because it is true to its color. He goes on really smooth and easy and it actually will last all day.

  63. Rachel1026985

    I bought the TruNaked Eye shadow Palettes in nude i don’t recommend it. Its a waste of money and time As soon as you touch the color with a Burch the color crumbles and wont stick to the bruch.

  64. CarlieB,

    Love it! – I received this free to try in return for my honest opinion! I love this palette the colors are awesome! Love the shimmer and it’s perfect for the holidays!.

  65. SurgicalNurse

    I have ALL these palettes. They are worthy of a department store palette that costs 5 times more.

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This intensely pigmented eye shadow palette features a stunning range of neutral shades to master any nude look, with 8 shades of perfectly matched nudes including glitter eyeshadow, matte eyeshadow, and shimmer eyeshadow

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I got this #covergirl truNakedsmoky palette on an influenster complementary box for testing purposes. I received a primer and i must say the shadows look more pigmented and seem to hold better with it so i suggest using the primer as well. The shadows are so pretty you could do any look with them from a soft smokey eye to a dramatic night look. The formula is amazing blends really nice and the shadows are buttery to the touch the only thing is the excess but that’s okay you can just tap your brush for that 🙂 you can find this palette at Walmart, cvs, walgreens and it’s a good price for someone that is just introducing eyeshadow to the everyday look.

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Product LineTruNaked
Weight0.23 oz
Unit Count1 Count
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H4.44 x 2.83 x 0.47 Inches
TypeEye Shadows
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