Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-kit Eye Shadow Shimmering Sands — 0.14 Oz

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Product Seller Price Seller Rating Product Page
COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eyeshadow, 110 Shimmering$4.444.2 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow, Shimmering Sands 110 - 0.17$4.494.2 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow, Shimmering Sands 110 - 0.17$4.494.2 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Eye Shadow, Shimmering Sands [110] 1$6.955 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Shadow, Shimmering Sands 110, 0.14$7.775 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadow, Shimmering Sands, 0.14$4.69No Reviews
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Product Seller Price Seller Rating Product Page
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow, Simmering Sands 110 - 0.14$4.194.2 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Eye Shadow, Shimmering Sands [ - 1$4.854.2 / 5
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadow, Café Au Lait 105 - 0.17$4.194.1 / 5
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CoverGirl Enhancers 3 Kit Shadow, Shimmering Sands [110] 0.1 - 1$4.85No Reviews
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Eyeshadow, Trio First Impression 103 - 4$4.494.2 / 5
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Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadow, Dance Party 125, 0.14 Ounce Package, Girl's, Size:$7.994.1 / 5
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Covergirl Eye Enhancers Quick-Kit-Trio Shadow 110 Shimmering Sands, 0.3$6.16No Reviews
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Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadow, Shimmering Sands 110,$16.86No Reviews
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Covergirl Enhancers 3 Kit Shadow, Shimmering Sands [110] 0.14 oz, Girl'$5.675 / 5
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Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Eye Shadow, Shimmering Sands [110] 1 ea (Pack of 3), Girl'$16.094.2 / 5
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COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadow Shimmering Sands, .14 oz (packaging may vary)$7.55No Reviews
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Eye Shadow - 0.09$2.494 / 5
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Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadows - Shimmering Sands$15.54.2 / 5
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COVERGIRL Makeup | Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadows - Shimmering | Color: Brown | Size:$8No Reviews
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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow, Sterling Blue 600 - 0.09$2.494.1 / 5
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Product Information

53 reviews for Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-kit Eye Shadow Shimmering Sands — 0.14 Oz

  1. daficial

    Pretty good product and my eyeshadow lasts all day without smudging which is good. I like neutral colors because it looks better with my tone Originally posted on covergirl.

  2. ageorgiapearl

    I love the Covergirl eye enhancers 3 coordinated eye shadow kit because you get the complete finished eye product in one simple small packaging. It even gives ideas on the packaging on how.

  3. eelizze

    Love it. By using the 3 colors together, top, middle and eye lid with the different colors, it makes for a smokey eye. Very pretty Originally posted on covergirl.

  4. beauttyem

    With this eyeshadow you can do a perfect smoked eyes or a makeup to the night. Ir has only 3 color but these are beautiful combination. Originally posted on covergirl.

  5. Beautifulskin2

    I know these colors have been a staple of Covergirl's. These shadows are a great combination!! They definitely compliment my brown eyes. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  6. CountryGal

    I have been buying this same eyeshadow for the last 22 years!!!! I know right!!! I need to change colors but I LOVE this way to much! Please NEVER stop making this! The Pink!! ✔ Yes, I recommend.

  7. Anonymous

    One of my go to eyeshadows blends well looks good with anything makes my blue eyes pop would recommend very affordable.

  8. kristia1

    This has been one of my favorites since high school, which was awhile ago. I appreciate that theyve kept this one in production for so long. Good quality and leaves a beautiful shimmer finish.

  9. melissah16

    Goes on smooth and the colors are beautiful. Great price for three shades palette. These colors go well with just about anything warm. Originally posted on covergirl.

  10. CSprincesS

    I have the Dance party and Firecracker and they are amazing! I absolutely love the Firecracker =) it really brightened my eyes! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on covergirl.

  11. pearl2018

    Love the Covergirl eyeshadows I’ve been using them since I was like 15 years old I still use different brands but this is one of my favorites Originally posted on

  12. ashleychrisloveless

    I use this color palette more than any other one I have. I love browns and more natural colors. It blends well together.

  13. fizz0451

    I absolutely love this eyeshadow its super pigmented and glides on so smoothly its fairly inexpensive andI have recommended it to a few people.

  14. nadinereiningcumming,

    Love the way it goes on. I’ve always been a covergirl user. It is very easy to apply and last all day. The colors are always nicely coordinated. Improve it by making better applicators.

  15. cl124

    love this product, i used the dazzling metalics and it just enhanced my eyes even more. i am always getting complements on my eyes now. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  16. jessedcg

    I didnt like the pigmented however its great for pre teens just getting into makeup Not my favorite thing from cover girl.

  17. shelleyprent,

    Great shadow for all ages – This Cover Girl Shadow was recommended by Comsumer guide as one of the top ten shadows for women over 40. It has real staying power and does not crease.

  18. jennifer_kaye2

    Great start up kit for girls that aren’t super comfy with makeup. Nice packaging and cheap. I have this in my bag for back up!! Originally posted on covergirl.

  19. daviellem

    This eyeshadow kit is really nice for a deeper Smokey eye type look! As well as a natural look if you just use the lighter color Originally posted on

  20. shannonke43b

    I love this eyeshadow kit I think is really good. Its not to pricey and its a good value. I wouldnt improve this product. It has nice and easy to open packaging.

  21. michellec343d

    The three colors are already color coordinated foe which part of your eyelid to put it on to make a three layer eye shadow look. Originally posted on covergirl.

  22. Rachelina92

    This stuff is great, i have it in the dance party and just bought the metallics one. It really looks great and i always get complements. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  23. andream108

    I loved this! The colors are gorgeous! Easy to apply! Easy to blend! They go great together! It really brought out the brown in my eyes! Originally posted on

  24. martuuhhh

    Yall this was it product when I was in high school. I wore this trio every single day. So good for the price, and not bad pigment. Originally posted on covergirl.

  25. csakamesi

    Loved it! It has a nice coverage and it is full longwear and easy to apply the product! I would really recommend it!!!! I used it a seberal times and I can not get disapointed in this product.

  26. lorenar7

    I used it one time in the past and I liked it, I recommend this product, the colors are nice.

  27. kayrjay27

    Love this makeup great affordable price, comes in many great colors that are so fun to mix up! Been buying this for years, its a great value! Originally posted on

  28. Jaciam,

    Great brown shades – the right ones for me! – Three browntones in this set – the right amount for me as I don’t use the sets that have so many different shades in smaller amounts. I appreciate having more of the shades I use!.

  29. manishav1

    Best product for quick smokey eye. I personally use it dring night parties . Dramayic shade add some drama and focus to your eyes . Originally posted on covergirl.

  30. kristyp10

    This is the eyeshadow my mom has used for 30+ years. And its still around and popular.For the price point, this shadow is great. Covergirl does a great job with popular colors.

  31. dagenc

    It wasnt the greatist i mean there was sone good in this product but the colors are for more of a party girl lol vut its has good pigment Originally posted on

  32. eclecticsheri

    Love this palette, it’s not too big to haul around in your purse throughout the day and with a good primer these colors look beautiful. Originally posted on covergirl.

  33. gabrielled1717

    I really liked the colours, they blend nicely. But they don’t go with each other, so I tend to find myself using other types of eye shadows Originally posted on covergirl.

  34. Brandysgarden,

    I’ve used Shimmering Sands for years – Shimmering Sands is my go-to eye shadow for work. Tons of compliments all the time about how nicely done my eyes are and how it’s not “too shimmery”. It’s just the right touch of smoky.

  35. covergirl4life

    My favorite shade is Sea Glass. I’ve had a lot of complements on this shade. I had a friend ask me what the name of this shade! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on covergirl.

  36. linao2

    I like eyeshadow that doesnt leave line marks throughout the day. Colors are really pretty and it stays on longer than other brands Ive used Originally posted on covergirl.

  37. beautyblogging2

    Really nice product isnt caking or causing issues on skin goes in nicely pretty decent product for the price point worth it seems to last long as well.

  38. Anonymous

    This is a basic pallet that you must have the pigments are perfect! And you could use it every day to look gorgeous it really easy to use! Originally posted on

  39. Sexy

    I have been looking for the 115 Gld SNST 3-kit eye shadow for months. I love this and my local stores are no longer stocking it. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on covergirl.

  40. Anonymous

    I’ve been wearing the sea glass colors for 4years and it still looks great! the color goes on so well and doesn’t smear together! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on covergirl.

  41. Anonymous

  42. Jonelle

    I use this eyeshadow and its called Dance party. The colors enhance my brown eyes. Its my favorite eyeshadow. I’ve used it since 2004. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  43. katiel96ec

    never had a problem with any of the selected products all have been good and satisfactory. not too pricey either and last awhile. Originally posted on covergirl.

  44. joolie,

    I have been a faithful customer for about 30 years. I love this brand! Now the complaint. The most recent shadow was bought only two weeks ago, and my applicator is ruined already. Boooo.

  45. christinemarie320

    I’ve had a chance to try the covergirl smokey eye enhancers they work pretty well and for the price point it’s worth givingit a shot. Originally posted on covergirl.

  46. jazzylin

    Great product. Nice and easy to apply. Applies very smoothly and quick. Gave me no trouble. Would buy this product again in the future. Price is affordable.

  47. covergirlluver

    i pop this in my makeup bag and i have a lid color a crease color and a brow color perfect fast eye look in one ( shimmering sands trio) ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted.

  48. tarag2

    This was my go to color trio in high school. I always loved it. Havent used it in years, but its got great colors and lasts long. Originally posted on covergirl.



  50. MarineMom51

    As a working woman over age 50, it’s inappropriate for me to be wearing shimmery or glittery shades … Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  51. Bellaciao

    Simply Beautiful!! – I have been wearing this product for so many years, it’s actually become a staple of my daily cosmetic regimen! I love this rich, shimmering stay put Eyeshadow. It seriously compliments your.

  52. lorifaulknerrosenber

    This pallet I usually take with me when I am traveling because it is not as big as my other pallets. It gets the job done and I am able to mix business with pleasure for this pallet.

  53. amandam159

    Was not a fan, does not go on smoothly and there was quite a bit of fallout. The package is pretty plain but the price is good.

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