4 Pack Nyx Infinite Shadow Stick-eye Shadow Stick 4 Pack Mul …

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16 reviews for 4 Pack Nyx Infinite Shadow Stick-eye Shadow Stick 4 Pack Mul …

  1. Selva C

    Love as a base – I’ve been watching Sir John use pencils all over eyelids, then applying those satin eyeshadows on top. These pencils are real creamy and the eyeshadows can really be shown off. So happy with purchase.

  2. AZpetsitter

    I use this stick if I don’t want to go full-monty w/ the base, shadow, high-lighting, etc. All I do is a quick line and smudge it in.

  3. Mellie_G

    This is probably one of my most favorite NYX products, and I’m a big NYX fan. These are gorgeous shades, they glide on beautifully and last and last.

  4. Anonymous

    The best – OMG love these jumbo eye pencil especially the blue one, I am definitely ordering me some more and i definitely love the size to .

  5. makeupgrrl

    I LOVE this shadow pencil and have them in several colors. I was disappointed in the amount you get compared to its price.

  6. Choctawcat

    Only small amount – I’ve had mine less than a week I use it every day so I was thinking the pencil had more inside to twist up I guess it doesn’t. to experience to last a week or two.

  7. karly

    I usually don’t have a whole lot of time to get ready on a normal day. This shadow stick makes my life so much easier because it just glides on and I quickly blend it out.

  8. Missjoelle420

    Black bean and milk – These jumbo pencils are great and super affordable, milk makes a great base for bright shadows, and I like to use the black shade for smokey eye looks. Must haves in your make up bag.

  9. Smile_xoxo_kt

    These are AMAZING! I own all of the colors and love each I them! They have become my favorite products in my whole makeup collection. They are soo pigmented and literally stay on ALL day.

  10. Ei601

    Fav Eyeliner – Best eyeliner for me; so easy to use, slides on vividly.

  11. ohmyjessalynn

    Bought this a month ago and I’ve been loving them so far! They’re really nice especially when I’m in a rush cause I can just apply them to my eyes and blend out super quick. My favorites are.

  12. Mousefans

    Packaging no – I love the colors I purchased however I can’t get any more out of the two because the bottom will not twist it up. Help please.

  13. MeYou

    Different shade needed – The shade didn’t quite suit me. Would like a large selection to choose from.

  14. Tiffanylee

    I love this shadow stick! I put a swatch on my hand at my local ulta and it stayed put all day, even after attempting to wipe it off. I was impressed so I went back and purchased one in black.

  15. Anonymous

  16. Spike

    Help – Can’t get the pencil to roll up I’ve tired everything can you help.

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