2 Pack – Mac Matte Lipstick, D For Danger 0.1 Oz

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Product Information

53 reviews for 2 Pack – Mac Matte Lipstick, D For Danger 0.1 Oz

  1. mmtowing

    Lets be honest this is more of a convenience than a necessity. Any who I purchased 2 of these through the warehouse. I’m a techy kind of person so the setup was a breeze.

  2. Staci,

    Good video – So far we love the camera it’s small and doesn’t stand out. The night vision is great, the room has zero lights and the picture is clear. The voice talk works good.

  3. Nikki4211

    Good exfoliation – This would have gotten 5 stars but its almost like you have to scrub to get makeup off. However now I just use these and an exfoliant wipe and not a makeup wipe.

  4. frozendreamz,

    we recently switched from amazon to google since most of our items are owned by google. installing these were so much easier then alexa.

  5. Weshare1,

    We love these cameras, the audio, night vision, cloud backup ,zoom in an out, for the money you can’t beat it! I only wish they had a battery operated camera , the wire is not a good look.

  6. Diana,

    Red and grey chenille throw pillows – Let me start off by saying how happy I am that I made this purchase ! Love the quality of the pillows they are soft yet very sturdy . The size is perfect to throw on a couch or futon etc when.

  7. Lori,

    Cute and works as well as Google Home – These cute little home mini are great anywhere you would like place them and they work just as well as the Google Home.

  8. Carrie,

    Pillows – Great price! Soft and fluffy! They went great with the baby room.

  9. Raiden74,

    Google home mini – I love the google home mini, I have 3 of them, they all help me with information I need to know and they turn on all lights for me when I get home. I would definitely recommend this google.

  10. John

    I started with one WeMo as a “test run” to control a lamp while we’re out of town. I plugged it in to a receptacle, downloaded the app, and started using it right away.

  11. lol,

    Buy them – They look very pretty in my living room. I like the size and feel.

  12. grooveydiehl,

    Don’t shout with doubt, you have HP in the lead! – I can depend on my HP printer and my HP ink more than any other teacher in my school. Whenever the ink from our “school printer” runs out, teachers run to use my printer.

  13. Sweet Rashun,

    Hp Printers and Hp Ink Cartridges! I love Them! – I’ve used HP cartridges with different printers for years. I still use the cartridges and I get them quick in the mail.com. I’ve had my latest HP printer about 6 weeks.

  14. measha1,

    Uy 2 for the price of one – Still learning to use got 1 for Christmas and found it very useful. My daughter also got one now instead of stopping on the floor above her room I can use my google liked it so well.

  15. Mamala,

    Cartridges for Printer – Love this service. So easy. Go on line, order and within two days the ink cartridges are at your door. You never have to run out of ink for your printer with this great service from HP.

  16. aduke,

    Great camera – First dont let the size fool you. The picture has great quality and it is even better that there is two way talk feature. You can record, play a video again, clip the videos and motion detection.

  17. Michelle,

    Great – Excellent exactly as described! Soft and fluffy! No complaints!.

  18. Bajalafoo

    Does A Good Job – These work really nicely. They get off all your makeup including eye makeup.

  19. Janet H

    Love these! – These are great! The cloths are larger than other brands and are actually damp enough to remove my makeup. Have a pretty, but not overpowering fragrance.

  20. mardain

    Awesome Wipes – I prefer something with natural fragrance. These don’t smell like much, but they are great otherwise!.

  21. Martin K

    I purchased a 2-pack of WeMo mini smart plugs yesterday. The quick start guide only explains how to… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  22. a001taz,

    Grate price at the time. – It makes things easier in the kitchen, turns smart switch off /on with your voice. Helps with math if needed, tells the time, date and Google calendar events and lots of other help using th.

  23. LoyalCostcoMember

    We loved the product for 2 use cases. (1) During a vacation, scheduled lights turning on/off create a perception that someone is home.

  24. Muzhik,

    Well worth the money – This is the first set of cartridges purchased after the cartridges included with my new printer ran out. I am impressed by the quality and vividness of the color in everything I’ve printed.

  25. kdills,

    stress free security – I got the 1080p Mini Wireless Two-way Audio Camera from meShare and I couldn’t be happier. The phone app was easy to download and cloud storage keeps you from running into memory issues.

  26. Hope777,

    safe protection – I’m really happy I get this because it will make me safe in my own home because one night I was home and some boys came knocking at my front door and demanding that I should open the door because.

  27. Thatgirlvee

    Wanted to try these out – I bought these a few nights ago at Walmart. It was a great price for the 2pack.

  28. TiffanyG2018

    Love them – I got these a few weeks ago and I love them! They take my makeup off easily and is gentle on my skin!.

  29. jkwelch76,

    Great value! – These pillows are a true dark navy color. They’re the perfect size– not too small. At only $15 for the pair, a really good deal.

  30. mychills,

    google home plus the mini – 2 stars because as the Amazon Echo it too focuses on key words and records then sends it to Google. What is their purpose ? I would like to know how I could stop this practice.

  31. Casey,

    Much better in person! – I ordered these based on the color description (not the photo) and the positive overall reviews. I am SO glad I did! I ordered the “beige” set, even though the photo makes them look very gray.

  32. LA1987,

    Stylish looking pillows you get 2 beautiful – Lovely nice you get two love the pattern and very inexpensive looks very stylish and they stay fluffy after laying on them.

  33. Raytus

    The Wemo Smart Plug is great, but it can only pair with one phone. I wanted to help my sister setting up her house when she was out of town.

  34. Michelle,

    Great!! – Excellent! Quality for low price, soft and stuffed full! I have bought several sets for all over the house! Shipping was super quick!.

  35. Darlene67,

    MeShare amazing! – I have been using my MeShare camera on my covered porch for about a week and I love it. The camera is simple to hook up to your internet and phone, also easy installation I did it myself without.

  36. Rev NRP,

    Quick and easy – All it takes is a push of a few keys on the computer and in a few days later, the ink iis at my door. Yes, i’m not a store shopper.

  37. Aioria15,

    Amazing – Is perfect for the room the mis daughter’s the is the ideal size for the fourth of my girls thank you very much and my husband is going to install it since we have a special girl and I have.

  38. Kimchi,

    A Must Have – I love my meshare cameras, not only is the picture crystal clear yet I get to talk to whomever in the house and still delegate chores without being home. For piece of mind have to order another.

  39. Sherry,

    Great – Love it. Does everything it says. I use it for playing my Pandora music mostly and for an alarm clock.

  40. CaribbeanQueen,

    The best gift! – I love my Google minis! My daughter got me one for Christmas 2 years ago and I use it everyday. I decided to get one for other rooms in my home.

  41. beast

    Won’t be buying again – These work. That’s it. But although they do, if you don’t like the sensation of burning skin, don’t get these.

  42. Keith

    We have good WiFi coverage through the house (netgear nighthawk router with multiple phones, smart appliances, and laptops that have no issue connecting) but the wemos (regardless of where.

  43. lon123,

    meShare wireless camera – I received this a few days back and was excited to try it out ,From the start setup and installation very easy and all the features are great this is an excellent wifi camera seems to be well.

  44. Tinamed,

    Great features – When we got our me share mini Wi-Fi camera home we decided to use it as a baby monitor for our grandchildren that are here every day. It is so small and inconspicuous you can put it anywhere.

  45. Brighter4

    Tried this for 6 weeks during which the plugs worked reliably for about 3.5 weeks, then became progressively unreliable.

  46. pookawooka,

    Love them. – I love these pillows. They are very soft and look great. Very good quality.

  47. kaycee99

    Bought at the local Costco this morning. Downloaded the app. Set up in less than 10 minutes this af… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  48. Anonymous

    Got for my mom so she could give it instructions for help if she needed to and for when she was laid up after knee surgery. Works with all her google phone numbers.

  49. RHCA

    The connection setup is similar and maybe even easier than any wifi enabled device and straight forward, however, they should include a little mini guide so some people would not be frustrated.

  50. Nickio

    Great – These are my favorite for removing mascara! Works perfectly.

  51. meatballporkchop

    I have two units already that work perfectly. These two new ones won’t connect to the wemo network in order to activate the units.

  52. Michael,

    Very Practical Home Assisstant – I listen to music and set up reminders and timers all the time. It is very practical and the shipping was very great and fast. Great to buy one for yourself and one for a family member or friend.

  53. silv3r1,

    Just the right POP of color – I have a pale grey love seat recliner that needed some color added. I’ve looked at several stores, but was unable to locate exactly what I was looking for.

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